There are 3 simple ways to set up your store, connect with customers, and trade with retailers! Here is how to use Shopify B2B wholesale platform!


Distributing products via wholesale can be a great way to expand your business and take your B2B brand up to the next level. By giving retailers a chance to purchase your products, sets your products to a whole new group of potential buyers.

When using Shopify B2B wholesale platform, there are 3 simple ways to handle wholesale:

  1. Split up the stores: This is the easiest option. While it makes take extra time and energy to set up a separate store, you can avoid confusion from your regular customers and keep a separate landing page for your wholesale customers. This protects any promotional prices or discounts exclusively for the sellers you approve. Your wholesale store should have a login option and should be password protected. If a potential shoppers lands on your wholesale store, they are offered the option to redirect which enhances the process for retailers and customers.
  2. Use discount codes: Buying at market price is establishing a long-term discount for specific customers. It makes sense to use a discount code. Shopify B2B wholesale platform added a new feature that allows you to mark customer accounts. On the official Shopify website, you can find a helpful guide on how to set up discount codes. You can stop your purchasers sharing the codes by building a wholesale agreement. Using discount codes means you can track your wholesale and retail customers through one store.
  3. Wholesale & third-party applications: In the Shopify App Store, there are plenty of apps that can simplify the process of setting up your wholesale store. For example, Wholesaler, Wholesale Hero, and Wholesale Pricing by Supple allow you to manage what discounts to offer to what customers. Once you will approve a customer as wholesale, they’ll have access to all the benefits. Shopify also recommends you Locksmith app. This app can help you lock any page, collection, product, cart, blog or your shole shop. You can hide pages and prices and keep your retail and wholesale business separate. Also, you have the ability to restrict specific customers from specific areas of your store.

While there are a few considerations regarding budget, inventory, and time-investment, wholesale can be a great way to grow business relations, access new customers, and increase your profit.

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