Here is a list of best, most popular, and free Shopify B2B apps (apps for search optimization, rewards, email marketing, coupons, and etc.) to extend your store!

Ecommerce solution Shopify – one of the best ecommerce website builders on the market offering free and premium plugins to personalize each shop with powerful functionalities and features.

We present to you the best free Shopify B2B apps to extend your store and maximize your profits:

  • Sales Pop: Looking for a way to double your sales? This app show purchase activities on your store so that visitors know what other people are purchasing on your store and motivate them to shop your items.
  • Quick Facebook Chat: By using this app, your customers can use their Facebook page to chat directly with you. Both you and your customer can follow up the conversation with Facebook Messenger account.
  • io: This app helps you quickly set up and run your own rewards program. You can offer your shoppers points for marking a purchase. You can also give points or coupons of referring friends.
  • AfterShop: Install this app to track your shipments in one place and give your shoppers the information they need about their delivery. The app supports around 380 couriers including DHL, FedEx, China Post, UPS, and China EMS. The app is free to use (if you have below 100 shipments a month). The premium plans cost $10/month.
  • Kit: This is a marketing app that handles Facebook and Instagram advertising, social posting, email marketing, to help double sales and grow your B2B business. You can create retargeting ads that encourage customers to make a purchase.
  • Happy Email: If you want to send a thank-you note via email to your customers, this is the perfect app for you. You can automate the process and 30 minutes after they make a purchase, an email will be sent to their inbox. This app can help you create a friendly and personal touch.
  • Plug in SEO: If your Shopify B2B store has issues with SEO or search engine performance, it is time to do something about it. Install this app and fix whatever you need. With this app, you can check essential areas of search engine optimization, you can check page titles, meta descriptions, blog post structure, speed, content, and more.

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